Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


In the Grand Theft Auto series, players often drive around recklessly and run over innocent pedestrians or simply shoot up a crowd just for fun. In the Call of Duty series, players play as imperial invaders and kill enemy soldiers on their own land defending their homeland. In the Age of Empires series or any other real-time strategy games, the lives of the soldiers are often more expendable than a building. Even in The Sims, some players take great pleasure in discovering new ways of murdering the sims. Killing, without a doubt, is one of the oldest traditions in video…

The mask plays an essential role in the ideology of the coronavirus pandemic: whether to wear a mask or not is, in fact, an ideological question, not a medical question. In China, it is your highest duty to wear a mask when going out. However, in the US, rarely did people wear masks up until late April.

It is not my job here to discuss the medical efficacy of wearing masks in public because I am not a medical professional, but I want to provide some insights into the cultural phenomenon of the controversy of mask-wearing.

The first problem we…


A couple of weeks ago, I went out for some Kebabs with two friends of mine, one being a game design student and the other a hardcore gamer. While waiting for the Kebabs, we got into a heated debate on the high difficulty and lack of difficulty settings in the newly released, best-selling game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Despite being a game design student myself, I have never been a hardcore player who likes to take on extremely challenging games that require a high level of cognitive, mental, and physical ability. Consequently, at the time of the debate, it is…

Zeru Hu

I engage in the critical, the philosophical, and above all, the playful.

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